Welcome to Akamai's Majors Site Analysis Portal. The purpose of this site is to share the results of synthetic testing driven by sitespeed.io. The objective of the testing is to provide an easy and fast way to test URLs for a site to gather information that can serve as the basis for doing an in-depth analysis. The data can be used in a standalone manner or compliment existing mPulse data. Site testing is done from Linodes servers that are located in each of Linode's regional data centers. To get an overview of the Site Analysis Portal and learn more about the architecture and underlying components, refer to the Sitespeed Overview.

Testing can be done for either a single domain with multiple pages or for URLs across multiple domains (e.g., eCommerce, airlines, financial), which would be the basis for a competitive analysis.

Highlights include:

and much much more ...

See the results of the most recent test, which provides in-depth information along with perscriptive advice on how to improve page performance. Be sure to pick the server and test type of interest.

    Region       Test Type       Connectivity  

Dive into all of the historical data with dashboards that provide information about page performance and construction, along with details about CPU events and the impact of JavaScript. All data is saved in a Graphite database for up to 13 months.

To learn how to set up and administer your own tests, refer to the Sitespeed Admin Guide. Be sure to download and complete the Sitespeed Planner BEFORE diving into the installation! Laying out all of the components beforehand will make the installation process much easier.

For questions contact Greg Wolf For support within Majors contact Scott Yandell